• Beverly & Waterford, are two smaller towns located in Washington County, Ohio on opposite sides of the Muskingum River. Chances are, if you don’t live in Southeastern Ohio, you’ve probably …[View More]

  • Just 1/4 mile south of Olean, Indiana is East County Road 650 South which is a deadend road. However it wasn’t always a deadend. Before 1947 this section of roadway sat on what was known as the V…[View More]

  • Hidden in the woods on the west side of State Route 129 between the towns of Olean and Cross Plains Indiana are the remains of this single lane stone arch bridge which spans Little Raccoon Creek. S…[View More]

  • In 1976 I purchased a 1970 American Motors AMX automobile and in the summer of 1977 attended a national meet for owners of these rare little hotrods in Kenosha, Wisconsin where they were originally…[View More]

  • The Bennetts Mill Covered Bridge was built in 1855 over Tygarts Creek in northern Greenup County, Kentucky. The bridge is 159 feet long and is the longest single span coverd bridge in the state. Th…[View More]

  • On Thursday, December 15, 2022 a fire destroyed the historic Laughery Valley Ag Feed Mill in Dillsboro, Indiana. In 2015 a proposal to produce a documentary video on the history of the mill was sen…[View More]

  • Built in 1941 the Muscatatuck River Route 256 Bridge just west of Austin, Indiana was built in 1941 and is 285 feet long. The 10 Panel Parker Through Truss Bridge isn’t anything to wright home ab…[View More]

  • Built in 1885 the Harvey Branch Road Stone Arch Bridge is the 2nd oldest bridge in Franklin County, Indiana. It predates the Stockheughter Covered Bridge by 2 years and the Snow Hill Covered Bridge…[View More]

  • On Lower Dillsboro Road in Dearborn County, Indiana is a former county road bridge over South Hogan Creek. There’s not much information out there about the bridge but this is what I’ve pieced t…[View More]

  • In the East End neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio at the corner of Carrel and Dumont Streets you’ll see a strange looking 2 story steel structure. This is what’s left of a large railroad…[View More]