Pine Road Phantom Bridge, St. Peter, Indiana

Pine Road Phantom Bridge, St. Peter, Indiana

Is This Indiana's Most Beautiful Abandoned Bridge?

One Mile west of the village of St. Peters, which is located in Franklin county, Indiana, is a pretty cool piece of Indiana history hidden back in the woods. As you travel west on Pine Road you’ll go down a small hill where you cross Blue Creek. Look to your right and if it’s during the winter when the vegetation has died back, you’ll have a great chance at seeing the former Pine Road Bridge built around 1908.

This is a very early concrete arch bridge and for being over 110 years old, it’s in pretty nice shape. Plus the local property owner takes great care of it making sure that the grass in the former road bed is mowed and that bushes don’t crowd the view of this beautiful piece of Indiana transportation history.

The single span concrete arch bridge is about 50 feet long and crosses Blue Creek. As mentioned at the beginning of this video there are abandoned bridges like this in almost every county across the United States. The best time to spot these bridges is during the winter. Take a drive and see what you can find!

GPS Location: 39º19’20.2″N 85º03’12.1″W

Video Release Date: January 30, 2023