Miamitown (OH)

Miamitown (OH)

  • At one time the Gieringer Store was the largest store in Western Hamilton County, Ohio. Now only the shell of the building remains.

  • Constructed in the early 1800s the Miami Mill served the community up until 1913 when it was washed away in a flood.

  • Founded in 1909 as Miami Savings and Loan Company the bank is the oldest company in Miamitown.

  • The Miamitown Bandstand has a very interesting past in the fact that the original bandstand was moved about a mile down the road and eventually served as a chicken coop…[View More]

  • The Miamitown, Ohio war memorial stands next to the former town hall building featuring the names of the local men and women who have served in the military.

  • Originally a ferry was used to cross this portion of the Great Miami River. Then a series of bridges were built including a covered bridge and two steel truss bridges.<…[View More]

  • Almost exactly halfway between Miamitown and Hooven, Ohio on State Route 128 is this concrete phantom bridge built in the 1920s. This bridge was used on a daily basis by area motorists until State …[View More]