• Local resident Duane Targgart tells us the history of Wolcottville dating back to when the town was founded by John Wollcott in 1848. Wollcott’s original home which is still standing, is loca…[View More]

  • This is a rather unique video we have here in that it includes a phantom bridge, a ghost road and the remains of a demolished steel truss bridge, all within 100 yards of each other.

    This por…[View More]

  • Built 1891 by the Dean & Westbrook Company of New York, the English Center Bridge is 300 feet long and spans Little Pine Creek in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania. Nathan Holth of HistoricBridges.…[View More]

  • The land that Eden Park occupies today was originally owned by Nicholas Longworth, a prominent Cincinnati landowner who previously used the area as a vineyard and called the estate “the Garden of…[View More]

  • Indiana has a wide variety of beautiful and interesting historic bridges! Everything from the Queen Mary of all bridges….The Triple Whipple Bridge to our focus of attention today, the lowly H…[View More]

  • The Ohio Electric Interurban Bridge is a historic interurban railway reinforced concrete multiple arch bridge built in 1908 to span the Maumee River joining Lucas and Wood counties near Waterville,…[View More]

  • Rossville was incorporated as a village in August 1859. Rossville and Ross Township were named after Jacob Ross, a settler in the area. Rossville was originally named Liggett’s Grove in honor…[View More]

  • Built in 1901 this three span stone arch bridge is 128 feet long and spans Sugar Creek northeast of Mechanicsburg, Indiana.

    Not long after the bridge was built, it was heavily damaged in a f…[View More]

  • Built around 1820 the Goddard Bridge in Fleming County, Kentucky is 63 feet long and spans Sand Lick Creek. The bridge was designed by Ithiel Town and built by Joseph Goddard. The bridge is built o…[View More]

  • Before State Route 46 was designed and built in 1937, the former road running East and West in this area ran between St. Leon and the Whitewater River winding back and forth across creek beds usual…[View More]