Ida Street Bridge, Mt. Adams, Cincinnati, Ohio

Ida Street Bridge, Mt. Adams, Cincinnati, Ohio

Ida Street Bridge, Mt Adams, Cincinnati, Ohio

Located in the steep hillsides of the Mt. Adams neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio is a beautiful Art Deco designed bridge known as the Ida Street Bridge.

Originally a wooden trestle that was 440 feet long stood at this location which carried the Cincinnati Street Cars over what was then called East Court Street but is now called Wareham Drive. According to Mt. Adams historian Jim Steiner, the street name change took place in 1968 and was engineered by Towne Properties after they purchased property under the Ida Street Bridge and built apartments there called “The Shadows”. The name change began at the intersection of Court and Van Meter and ended at Elgin & Paradrome. The entire section was changed to Wareham and remains so today. The change was to honor Dee Wareham who was a past President of Rookwood Pottery and very influential in its success.

Removal of the trestle began in March 1931 with construction of the Ida Street bridge beginning immediately thereafter. It was dedicated just 6 months later on September 12, 1931 and is also known as the “Bridge of the Arts”.

The concrete open spandrel deck arch bridge has dual spans that carries Ida Street over Wareham Street. The bridge is 388 feet long and was rehabbed in 1981. Luminaries are located about every 20 feet along the walkway on each side. Looking southwest from the bridge gives you fantastic views of downtown Cincinnati.

GPS Location: 39°06’32.0″N 84°29’56.9″W