• Built in 1837 as part of the Miami & Erie Canal this twin arch stone culvert is about 96 feet long. It carried water from the Howell Ditch under the Miami & Erie Canal into the Great Miami …[View More]

  • Built in 1838 this double barreled covered bridge was the first of 3 bridges to span the Kentucky River at this location. It was in use until 1926 when a truck crossing the bridge feel through a ro…[View More]

  • Established in 1865, Mecklenburg Gardens is Cincinnati’s oldest restaurant. Located near the University of Cincinnati this restaurant is the cornerstone of the German community and even boast…[View More]

  • Originally built as the Peace Lutheran Church in 1895, this building was in use until 1965 when the congregation built a larger church in the area. Today it has been transformed into an event cente…[View More]

  • The Camp Nelson Phantom Bridge near Vineyard, Kentucky was built in 1927 after a nearby covered bridge was damaged and rendered unusable when a truck fell through the floorboards. No longer used fo…[View More]

  • The Danville Tunnel was built in 1971 in Jessamine County, Kentucky after the realignment of U.S. 27 across the Kentucky River.

  • Built in the 1920s when the “highway” was redesigned, this small tunnel funneled automobile traffic directly onto the “Brooklyn Bridge” over the Kentucky River. Unfortunatel…[View More]

  • Chinn’s Cave House was literally built out of the side of a cliff in rural Kentucky just west of Lexington. It was a small restaurant and gas station but they also secretively sold liquor and…[View More]

  • Built in 1920 the McConnell Ford Phantom Bridge has been closed for about 3 years now and is in danger of imminent failure.

  • Built in 1910 the Benson Street Bridge which connects Lockland & Reading, Ohio is the first Rainbow Bridge constructed in the state of Ohio.