Greenville Creek Railroad Bridge. Greenville, Ohio

Greenville Creek Railroad Bridge. Greenville, Ohio

The Greenville Creek Railroad Bridge, Greenville, Ohio

Built in 1918 by the Mt. Vernon Bridge Company of Mt. Vernon, Ohio this Pratt through truss bridge spans Greenville Creek on the west side of Greenville, Ohio.

This was originally part of the New York Central Railroad and is now the R.J. Corman Railroad. Once used on a daily basis, this line might see 2 trains a day now as local rail traffic has dropped off drastically over the years.

For being over 100 years old the bridge is in pretty good condition. However the rails are a bit bowed on the south end of the bridge and the concrete bridge abutments are starting to disintegrate. They will definitely need some attention in the not too distant future.

The bridge seems to be a favorite target for those with a can of spray paint and a knack for climbing.