Olean, Indiana

Olean, Indiana

  • Built in 1910 this dual span, earthen filled concrete arch bridge is about 77 feet long and spans Laughery Creek near Olean, Indiana.

    GPS Location: 39º00’09.6″N 85º11’09.…[View More]

  • Located in a deep valley just 1 mile from Olean, Indiana is the Cavehill Road Steel Through Truss Bridge. Built in 1948 this single lane Parker Truss bridge replaced a 3 span stone arch bridge that…[View More]

  • Just 1/4 mile south of Olean, Indiana is East County Road 650 South which is a deadend road. However it wasn’t always a deadend. Before 1947 this section of roadway sat on what was known as the V…[View More]

  • The historic Blair Cemetery near Olean, Indiana dates back to 1844 and is one of the oldest cemeteries in Ripley County, Indiana.

    GPS Location: 39º00’16.2″N 85º11’36.2…[View More]