Morrow (OH)

Morrow (OH)

  • Cemeteries dating back to the early 1800s can be found throughout the cemeteries in Morrow, Ohio.

  • Morrow, Ohio has been home to several famous people, including: Marie Earls, Edward Deering Mansfield and Earl Fuller.

  • Ft. Ancient was established in 1802 when the Cross Keys Tavern was built near the Little Miami River. By 1850 the town was fairly busy with a post office, tavern, trai…[View More]

  • Many small towns in the Morrow area have disappeared over the years. Some still have foundations of the former buildings while others are completely lost.

  • Morrow, Ohio has many historic places of worship. This video covers the churches in town and throughout the outlying area.

  • Morrow, Ohio was laid out in August 1844 and was named in honor of the former governor, Jeremiah Morrow.

  • This former brewery was built in the 1850s where in 19o2 when the county went “dry”, the brewery was converted over to produce soft drinks.

  • Morrow, Ohio has been home to many different businesses over the years including banks, post office, restaurants, barber shops, drug stores, hotels, grocery stores, a packi…[View More]

  • The Morrow, Ohio area has a wide variety of school buildings including several one room houses still in existence.

  • Two Railroad lines passed through Morrow with the first line being constructed in 1837.