Monroe (OH)

Monroe (OH)

  • The Bake house is the oldest home in Monroe, built in 1811 with all of the bricks made on site.

  • The Brandywine Inn/Restaurant was built in the 1850s and was the first 4 story brick building in the area. It was a stagecoach stop between Cincinnati & Dayton.

  • The Brock House was built in 1837 and is a sister house of the Hammond House just 1/2 mile up the road.

  • The Carson Road Barn was constructed around 1916 and is one of the older barns still standing in the county.

  • The Garver Family Farm was established in 1908 with almost 200 acres.

  • The Hammond House was built between 1850 & 1880. The bricks were made on site.

  • Built in 1925 the Lemon Monroe High School was added onto many times before it was demolished in 2016.

  • The “Mansion of Monroe” was owned by the Bernie family who owned LeSourdsville Lake. Famous movie stars would visit the home while performing at LeSourdsville. …[View More]

  • The Monroe Historical Society Museum was originally the Monroe General Store. It was built 1910.

  • The Monroe Presbyterian Academy opened in 1851 as a private school for boys. In 1876 the school was remodeled into a church.