Madison, Indiana

Madison, Indiana

  • Built in 1910 and bypassed in the 1930s, the Crooked Creek Phantom Bridge sits deep in the woods on the west side of Madison, Indiana. How did it get there???? Watch …[View More]

  • Constructed during the Civil War, the First Christian Church of Madison, Indiana has survived 2 fires and is now probably the most beautiful church in the county. Here’s a short video on this…[View More]

  • Built in 1859 at a cost of $36,000.00, this is the third courthouse constructed in Jefferson County, Indiana. The courthouse was almost lost on May 20, 2009 when a fire broke out during a renovatio…[View More]

  • Established in 1941, the Jefferson Proving Ground facility was operational up until 1995. This video is about the historic structures hidden deep in the woods.

  • The Lanier Mansion is the most historic mansion in the State of Indiana. Built in 1844 this masterpiece is the cornerstone of Madison, Indiana.