Loveland, Clermont County (OH)

Loveland, Clermont County (OH)

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  • The B & O Train Depot in Loveland, Ohio was built in 1907 and has been re-purposed as a shoe store in 2015.

  • Built in the 1860s this is the site of the first female run hardware store in the United States.

  • Grailville Oratory began life as a dairy barn in 1813 and converted in 1962 into the modern chapel of today.

  • Julian’s is a small restaurant in Loveland which is known to be haunted.

  • The O’Bannon House was built in the 1860s and at one time was used as an attorney’s office.

  • Paxton’s Grill began life in the 1880s as the Grear’s Saloon and eventually has been transformed into a restaurant.

  • Pizazz Studio is located in the historic district of Loveland, Ohio.

  • The Works Pizza Shop resides in a water filling station for the steam locomotives that would travel thru town. The building was constructed in 1905

  • The White Pillars Mansion was built in the 1840s on what was originally a 1,000 acre tract of land.