Guilford, Indiana

Guilford, Indiana

Guilford, Indiana

  • Traveling west on Bonnell Road right after you pass Fox Road on your right, you’ll pass over a stream called “Fox Run”. As you cross Fox Run, look to your left and you’ll se…[View More]

  • Over the years Dearborn County, Indiana has been to home to at least 15 covered bridges. The last remaining covered bridge in the county is the Guilford Covered Bridge …[View More]

  • This one lane concrete arch bridge spanning a branch of the West Fork of Tanners Creek, built in 1910, at one time saw up to 300 vehicles a day on Collier Ridge Road. In 2009 a steel through truss …[View More]

  • Built in 1919 by E.O. Kennedy of Lawrenceburg, Indiana, while we couldn’t find any information as to whether E.O. Kennedy was related to Archibald McMichael Kennedy who built the Guilford Cov…[View More]

  • Pella Crossing was a “Dry Ford” which crossed Tanners Creek near the town of Guilford, Indiana. Abandoned since 1979 when a bridge was built just down stream, a section of Pribble Road …[View More]

  • As you drive south on Sawdon Ridge Road in Dearborn County, Indiana, as you reach the bottom of the hill, you begin a long sweeping curve to your right as it crosses Brush Fork Creek. However, prio…[View More]

  • This is the third in a series of phantom bridges along State Route 1 in Dearborn County, Indiana. This particular bridge was probably built around 1917. The bridge is 20 feet long, 12 feet wide and…[View More]

  • Heading west out of Guilford, Indiana on Bonnell Road you’ll travel about 2 miles when the road begins to curve to the right. However, if you pay attention and look straight you’ll see several …[View More]

  • This beautiful stone culvert is said to have been built in 1864 when a rail line was built down here through Bonnell and Guilford, Indiana. Apparently there were several different lines built in th…[View More]

  • Near the intersection of State Route 1 and Salt Fork Road is just a boring bridge that crosses Salt Fork Creek near Guilford, Indiana. However, today, we are going to talk about the two previous br…[View More]

  • The area around Guilford, Indiana is loaded with railroad history. In this segment we’re checking out the former Guilford Red Bridge.

    Back in the mid 1800s a rail line came through this ar…[View More]

  • About 3 miles north of Guilford, Indiana on the west side of State Route 1 is the former Cook Road Bridge. Built in 1901 this bridge use to span Slab Camp Creek. Built by the American Bridge Compan…[View More]