Connersville, Indiana

Connersville, Indiana

  • Built in 1842 as an office for the White Water Canal Company, the building as been transformed over the years into a bank and then a home. Now the Canal House is a local museum.

  • Built in 1831 with several additions through subsequent years, this mansion has been home to several important people in U.S. history and is now a Masonic Lodge.

  • Built in 1849 the Fayette County courthouse is the second oldest continuously used courthouse in the state of Indiana.

  • The Fayette County Historical Museum in Connersville, Indiana has a wide array of items but probably the most impressive portion of the museum is the automobile exhibit which includes a very rare 1…[View More]

  • Established in 1819 the First United Methodist Church in Connersville, Indiana is one of the oldest churches in Fayette County, Indiana. The current church building was constructed in 1889 at a cos…[View More]

  • Connersville, Indiana has a history of being a car manufacturing hub and before that, a stop along the Whitewater Canal. This video explores the town and some of it’s hidden secrets to the ou…[View More]

  • This aqueduct built in 1908 replaced the previous canal aqueduct constructed in the 1830s. Another piece of history slowly fading away.

  • From 1902 to 1932 the Indianapolis & Cincinnati Traction Company struggled to stay afloat. In this video we cover three of the traction line bridges in Fayette County, Indiana. One of these bri…[View More]

  • Robinson’s Whitewater River Campground started life as a Turnip Farm, then was transformed into a Christian retreat center/campground before it became one of, if not the most interesting camp…[View More]

  • Born out of the canal system, the railroads across the eastern half of the United States took advantage of the canal towpaths to lay down tracks for the next form of transportation in the mid 1800s…[View More]