What Happened to Paddy’s Run Road? New Baltimore, Ohio

What Happened to Paddy’s Run Road? New Baltimore, Ohio

What Happened to Paddy's Run Road? New Baltimore, Ohio

About 1 and a quarter mile northwest of New Baltimore, Ohio lies the remains of the Old Paddy’s Run ghost road and stone bridge abutment. Before State Route 128 was realigned in the 1940s, Paddy’s Run Road was part of the State Route infrastructure and used daily by people traveling through the area. To cross over Paddy’s Run Creek on this section of roadway, a steel truss bridge was used which was probably built in the 1920s. We couldn’t find any photos of the bridge at ground level but from this aerial view it looks as if this was a through truss bridge judging from the shadows cast by the sun.

The bridge was removed sometime in the late 1990s and now all that is left of the roadway is this abandoned section northeast of the creek and this section still in use, southwest of the creek. The cut stone bridge abutments still remain. The abutment on the northeast side of the creek is in excellent condition for being over 100 years old. However the abutment on the southwest side is pretty much obliterated.

Just 100 yards from the heavily traveled State Route 128 sits the remains of the former route slowly fading back into nature.

GPS Location: 39º16’16.5″N 84º41’22.7″W