Wabash Railroad Bridge # 738, Danville, Illinois

Wabash Railroad Bridge # 738, Danville, Illinois

Who Owns These Railroad Tracks In Illinois?

I found this rail line just northeast of Danville, Illinois extremely interesting. First off you have 2 sets of tracks running southwest to northeast that cross over the KBSR Rail line (Kankakee, Beaverville & Southern Railroad). The tracks also cross over Winter Avenue and they cross over Lick Creek! Plus you have a split rail that comes off the main line and into the KBSR rail line although it doesn’t appear to be in use anymore. Lots of traffic going on in a small spot.

The original trestle at this location was a 195 foot long pile trestle built in 1898. That trestle may have looked similar to this one. Using historic aerial photographs it looks like the original trestle was replaced with the current trestle sometime between 1930 and 1946.

I was really hoping to catch a train coming through here that afternoon but no such luck. However, this is a fairly unusual display of rail and automobile transportation mixed together with a little bit of water. If you’re in the area and get the chance, check it out!

GPS Location: 40º09’41.0″N 87º35’02.0″W