The Jersey Shore Bridge, Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania

The Jersey Shore Bridge, Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania

The Longest Bridge of its Kind in The United States

This Bridge near Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania is known by several names including “The Silver Bridge”, “The Pine Creek Bridge and the Jersey Shore Bridge.

But let’s start at the beginning.

The first bridge built at this location was a covered bridge constructed sometime before 1839. That bridge was demolished in a flood in 1870. A second covered bridge was constructed that same year at a cost of $12,639.34 which is the equivalent of about $294,371.00 in 2023. That covered bridge was either damaged to the point that it had to be replaced, or it was destroyed, by the flood of June 1, 1889. Although I didn’t see it when filming, it’s reported that the rectangular center pier of the former covered bridge in midstream is still visible through the current bridge steel grate decking.

The present bridge was constructed in 1889 by the Berlin Iron Bridge Company of East Berlin Connecticut. The wrought iron bridge is 290 feet long and spans Pine Creek. This is the longest single span 5 Metal Pin Connected Lenticular Warren Through Truss Bridge in the United States that is still in use. The original cost to build this bridge in 1889 was $14,480.00 which is the equivalent of $480,215.00 in 2023. The bridge was placed on the original covered bridge stone bridge abutments which were later encased in concrete. The bridge deck was wooden went first built and later replaced with the current steel grate deck.

Between 2008 and 2011 the bridge was disassembled and refurbished at a cost of $5.5 million dollars. Prior to the restoration the bridge weight limit was 7 tons. If you are traveling through this area of Pennsylvania, definitely make plans to stop and check out this unusual and beautiful historic bridge.

GPS Location: 41º10’51.1″N 77º16’43.6″W