The Indianapolis Firefighters Museum, Indianapolis, Indiana

The Indianapolis Firefighters Museum, Indianapolis, Indiana

The Indianapolis Firefighters Museum

The Indianapolis Firefighters Museum has an interesting and unusual history.

Built in the 1860s this is one of five original fire houses built in Indianapolis. The station was used up until 1933. After it closed it was then used as a personal residence, a tow truck service, an auto mechanic shop and then the building sat dormant for several decades. Several modifications were made over those years including the removal of the bell tower. Basically it was unrecognizable as a former fire station. Around 1983 a fire run was made to a building next door. The firefighters made a force entry into the former fire station to see if the fire had spread. Once inside the building, they realized that this was one of the original Indianapolis fire stations and the only one still standing. Plans were then made to acquire and restore the building.

The Indianapolis Firefighters Museum features a 1921 Stutz ladder truck, a 1919 Stutz pumper, a 1941 IFD Shop built pumper and a 1949 International Harvester pumper refurbished by members of the former Warren Township Fire department. Memorabilia, photos and equipment have been donated by local firefighters.

Today the historic station #2 features classical and Italianate details, a restored bell tower and twin fire poles. Station #2 also serves as the Indianapolis Professional Firefighters Union Headquarters.

GPS Location: 39º46’37.6″N 86º08’45.7″W