Rockwood, Michigan Railroad Bridge

Rockwood, Michigan Railroad Bridge

Just Another Boring Railroad Bridge in Michigan, or is it???

If you’re looking for exciting information and stories about a bridge, you probably want to keep on scrolling because there’s nothing interesting about this bridge. I have no idea when the bridge was built, who built the bridge or the history behind it.

I do know that the Rockwood railroad bridge is 234 feet long spanning the Huron River connecting Monroe & Wayne County Michigan.

This is a Baltimore Truss Bridge which is somewhat similar to a Pratt Truss Bridge. The difference being this bridge has extra diagonals located on the bottom half of the bridge making for a stronger design. This style is mainly used for rail bridges.

I visited this bridge twice and both times ended up being just 2 minutes late in getting video of a train crossing the bridge. Maybe next time…

GPS Location: 42º03’50.4″N 83º15’15.4″W