Pond Creek Pony Truss Bridge, Beatysville, West Virginia

Pond Creek Pony Truss Bridge, Beatysville, West Virginia

How Long Will This Historic West Virginia Bridge Survive? Beatysville, West Virginia

The Pond Creek Pony Truss Bridge near Beatysville was built in 1905 and rehabbed in 1984. It’s about 38 feet long and spans Pond Creek on Buffalo Run Road which parallels a small stream called Buffalo Run which flows into Pond Creek.

I contacted the Wood County Historical Society, the county library, the Wood County government office and the State of West Virginia looking for older photos of the bridge or even photos of when the bridge was built. Unfortunately no one had any photos or they didn’t return my emails and phone calls.

During the filming of this video in 2022 a local resident informed me that the bridge was scheduled to be replaced in 2023. However now in 2024 when this video is being released, I believe the bridge is still standing, but probably not for long. If you’re in the area and like Pony Truss bridges on back country roads, check this one out before it’s gone forever.

If you live in the area, please let me know when it’s replaced.

GPS Location: 39º03’33.0″N 81º37’20.0″N