Denniston Bridge, Mexico, Indiana

Denniston Bridge, Mexico, Indiana

The Denniston Bridge, Mexico, Indiana

Built in 1883 by the Massillon Bridge Company of Massillon, Ohio, the Denniston bridge is 243 feet long and spans the Eel River just southwest of Mexico, Indiana. This is a pinned Pratt through truss Wrought Iron Bridge with cut stone abutments and stone center pier. The bridge has a 3 ton weight limit and services about 100 vehicles per day.

The deck was replaced about 15 years ago but in the mid 2000s it was in such bad shape from regular wear and tear plus the occasional arsonists who tried to set it ablaze, that road signs were used to patch the holes in the deck!

Today the bridge is listed in overall Poor condition with estimates of a replacement bridge costing close to 1.4 million dollars.

Still open to traffic, this would make for a good Saturday afternoon road trip. You definitely want to see this bridge before it’s replaced.