Abandoned Wills Creek Bridge, Birds Run, Ohio

Abandoned Wills Creek Bridge, Birds Run, Ohio

Very Remote Abandoned Bridge in Birds Run, Guernsey County, Ohio, Wills Creek Bridge

Built in 1894 by the Wrought Iron Bridge Company of Canton, Ohio, the Wills Creek bridge is about 162 feet long and spans Wills Creek just southeast of Birds Run, Ohio. I’m not too sure when the bridge was closed but I believe it was still open as late as 2007. The Wrought Iron Bridge Company Plaque has been stolen but supposedly a marble abutment plaque remains although I couldn’t find it on either of my 2 trips to the bridge.

Ohio Bridge Historian David Simmons states: Quote: it’s remarkable for how well preserved it is. Virtually nothing has been changed since the day it was built except, as Nathan Holth with “Historic Bridges.org notes, removal of the nameplate. It’s a classic design by the Wrought Iron Bridge Company from Canton. They were among the largest and most prolific metal bridge builders in the US. Nobody but WIBC turned their verticals so the latticework faced out and few used the special “basket handle” design to connect the tension verticals and the lower pins. Even the floor beam hangers are still intact. This is a real gem for a metal bridge enthusiast. Unquote

On my second visit to the bridge in November 2023 I used my newly purchased drone to get a few aerial shots. Months later when I began editing the video I noticed a set of concrete bridge abutments about 500 feet north of the bridge. Upon further investigation I found out the abutments were for the former Cleveland & Marietta Railroad and the bridge for the railroad (Now gone) was built at the same time as the Wills Creek vehicle bridge. The bridges were possibly built at the same time in order to reduce cost due to having equipment and supplies readily available for each.

What I also inadvertently filmed with the drone was the spur side track that ran parallel to the creek and directly in front of the bridge. I believe this sidetrack was to allow trains running from the town of Kimbolton to run off on the spur to make way for trains coming from Birds Run. The portion of the spur running from Bridge Road back to the mainline is now a private driveway. Plenty of interesting information coming out about this railroad in a future video.

GPS Location: 40º09’15.2″N 81º38’36.7″W