• Built in 1910 this dual span, earthen filled concrete arch bridge is about 77 feet long and spans Laughery Creek near Olean, Indiana.

    GPS Location: 39º00’09.6″N 85º11’09.…[View More]

  • As you pull into the Mt. Lawn Speedway just 6 miles west of downtown New Cast…[View More]

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  • Located just a mile north of downtown Georgetown, Kentucky is a historic steel pony truss bridge spanning Dry Run Creek. The bridge sits on private property and carries a driveway which leads back …[View More]

  • In 1908 Indianapolis was a hub for interurbans with 7 lines already entering the city. However a new line was being discussed to connect Indianapolis with New Castle, Indiana and eventually Toledo,…[View More]

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  • Hoopeston, Illinois has a very colorful past which includes being home to several POW Camps for German soldiers during WWII. During their confinement in Hoopeston, one small group of prisoners esca…[View More]

  • About a mile and a half west of U.S 56 on Hartford Pike in Ohio County, Indiana you’ll cross a small creek by way of a modern concrete bridge. However, to your left you’ll notice a one lane roa…[View More]

  • About 1/2 mile east of Cedar Grove, Indiana on the north side of U.S. Route 52 is a paved road that parallels Route 52 for about 1/8 of a mile. From what I’ve found out, this may be the old Route…[View More]

  • In this video I interview Marietta historian Harley Noland who probably knows more about the city than anyone else alive. I spent two days with Harley as he gave me a private tour of the beautiful …[View More]