• This locality was settled in the early 1800’s; several of the pioneers came from a Presbyterian heritage. Families had to travel down the hill, ford the Whitewater River to attend the nearest…[View More]

  • I found this rail line just northeast of Danville, Illinois extremely interesting. First off you have 2 sets of tracks running southwest to northeast that cross over the KBSR Rail line (Kankakee, B…[View More]

  • This Bridge near Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania is known by several names including “The Silver Bridge”, “The Pine Creek Bridge and the Jersey Shore Bridge.

    But let’s start at the beginn…[View More]

  • The historic Blair Cemetery near Olean, Indiana dates back to 1844 and is one of the oldest cemeteries in Ripley County, Indiana.

    GPS Location: 39º00’16.2″N 85º11’36.2…[View More]

  • Built in 1935 this Pratt Through Truss Bridge is about 132 feet long and spans Sugar Mill Creek near Wallace, Indiana. This is a pretty remote location with little traffic. I was at the bridge for …[View More]

  • 1920s
    Lake Waveland Phantom Bridge
    Waveland, Indiana

    I have found quite a few Phantom Bridges over the years, but this is the first phantom bridge I’ve found that is under wate…[View More]

  • Built in 1917 this abandoned girder bridge over a section of the Norfolk Sout…[View More]

  • Original Tractor Cab Owner Wayne Williams tells us in this interview how his grandfather started the company in 1939 out of necessity and inspiration to keep himself warm and dry when using a tract…[View More]

  • Straddling the Scott & Harrison County, Kentucky border is the Hinton Road Overpass. Built in 1930 this 110 foot long steel stringer bridge spans a rail line for the Norfolk Southern Railway on…[View More]