• Establish in the 1920s Sleepy Hollow was once an exclusive hunting & fishing club for the wealthy families of Louisville. Containing roughly over 3,000 acres, the club was located about 15 mile…[View More]

  • After the Civil War, it was popular for small communities to have an opera house — a home not only for music and theater, but a community gathering space for lectures, high school commencement ce…[View More]

  • With a population of less tha…[View More]

  • This locality was settled in the early 1800’s; several of the pioneers came from a Presbyterian heritage. Families had to travel down the hill, ford the Whitewater River to attend the nearest…[View More]

  • I found this rail line just northeast of Danville, Illinois extremely interesting. First off you have 2 sets of tracks running southwest to northeast that cross over the KBSR Rail line (Kankakee, B…[View More]

  • This Bridge near Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania is known by several names including “The Silver Bridge”, “The Pine Creek Bridge and the Jersey Shore Bridge.

    But let’s start at the beginn…[View More]

  • The historic Blair Cemetery near Olean, Indiana dates back to 1844 and is one of the oldest cemeteries in Ripley County, Indiana.

    GPS Location: 39º00’16.2″N 85º11’36.2…[View More]