• Here’s a short video about a former railroad bridge converted over for automobile traffic although it’s rarely used anymore.

  • Built in the early 1900s, this abandoned railroad bridge sits quietly over the Mahoning River.

  • The West Avenue Phantom Bridge in Youngstown, Ohio is slowly fading into history. Here’s a short video on this massive steel hulk.

  • Established in 1941, the Jefferson Proving Ground facility was operational up until 1995. This video is about the historic structures hidden deep in the woods.

  • Our informational video for 2019.

  • Built in the 1824, Old Tunnel Mill is hidden in the dense forest near Vernon, Indiana. Only a few walls and the stack remain.

  • This aqueduct built in 1908 replaced the previous canal aqueduct constructed in the 1830s. Another piece of history slowly fading away.

  • Built in 1856 before the Civil War, the Dewees Farm overpass is one of those historic structures that few people even pay any attention to yet serve the community faithfully on a daily basis.

  • The Miamitown Bandstand has a very interesting past in the fact that the original bandstand was moved about a mile down the road and eventually served as a chicken coop…[View More]