• Located in the steep hillsides of the Mt. Adams neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio is a beautiful Art Deco designed bridge known as the Ida Street Bridge.

    Originally a wooden trestle that was …[View More]

  • Built in 1917 this single lane pony truss bridge is about 41 feet long and spans a branch of Laughery Creek on East Laughery Creek Road in Dearborn County, Indiana. I remember driving over the brid…[View More]

  • The area around Guilford, Indiana is loaded with railroad history. In this segment we’re checking out the former Guilford Red Bridge.

    Back in the mid 1800s a rail line came through this ar…[View More]

  • The McMillan Street Bridge was built in 1937 to replace a double barrel, single span wrought iron Whipple truss bridge that was constructed in 1899. The original bridge was narrow and built for lig…[View More]

  • Most everyone in the Greater Cincinnati area is familiar with the abandoned subway tunnels but did you know about the abandoned train tunnels? In this episode of History In Your Own Backyard, Susie…[View More]

  • Heading west out of Guilford, Indiana on Bonnell Road you’ll travel about 2 miles when the road begins to curve to the right. However, if you pay attention and look straight you’ll see several …[View More]

  • Near the intersection of State Route 1 and Salt Fork Road is just a boring bridge that crosses Salt Fork Creek near Guilford, Indiana. However, today, we are going to talk about the two previous br…[View More]

  • In this video we cover the strange, interesting and unusual stories and places in Norwood, Ohio that are for the most part, known only to the locals. For example, do you know what famous actor was …[View More]

  • The Victory Parkway Bridge was built in 1917 to replace a truss bridge and to provide a more pleasing view as you enter Eden Park. Although the bridge isn’t anything to write home about while dri…[View More]

  • Almost exactly halfway between Miamitown and Hooven, Ohio on State Route 128 is this concrete phantom bridge built in the 1920s. This bridge was used on a daily basis by area motorists until State …[View More]