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Ahimaaz King Mansion Ahimaaz King Mansion
The King Mansion in Kings Mills, Ohio was built in 1855 by Ahimaaz King. It was the first home built in Kings Mills which was a company owned town.
Gaines House Gaines House
The Gaines House in Walton, Kentucky was built in 1814 by Abner Gaines. The home was used as a tavern and stage coach stop.
L.C. Norman House L.C. Norman House
The L. C. Norman house was built in 1860 and at one time was used as an attorney’s office one end and a residence on the other end.
Looker Home Looker Home
The Looker Home was built in 1804 in Harrison, Ohio. In 1962 the house was dismantled and then reconstructed the home on Marvin Road in 1970.
Cook Cabin Cook Cabin
The Cook Cabin was built in 1803 and is one of the oldest buildings in the county.