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Addyston War Memorial Addyston War Memorial
Built in 1946 the memorial was erected originally to commemorate the soldiers who fought in WWII and now includes soldiers who fought in Korea and Viet Nam
CL & A Rail Line CL & A Rail Line
In the early to mid 1950s an interurban rail car station was located in Addyston, Ohio. The remains of that site are still visible today.
Addyston Ghost Road Addyston Ghost Road
The Addyston Ghost Road linked Addyston and Sayler Park with a bridge over Muddy Creek. This road was used for years until the bridge was removed due to lack of maintenan…[View More]
The Bricks The Bricks
The “Bricks” was built in 1872 and has been used in many different forms including a general store and a movie theater.