• The King Hotel was opened in 1915 as a hotel and restaurant mainly for the train passengers as they came thru town.

  • Built completely out of steel, the Lustron homes were kit houses built shortly after WWII to help with the housing shortage.

  • The Milan ’54 Museum is dedicated to the 1954 basketball team who took their town to a state championship.

  • Built in 1908 St. Charles Catholic Church originated as a Bishop Parish.

  • Milan, Indiana is a town most famous for their State Championship Basketball Team from 1954.

  • Built in 1916 with a $10,000.00 grant from the Carnegie Foundation the library has now been transformed into a military museum.

  • Built in 1850 this toll house in Rising Sun, Indiana was used to collect payment for people traveling the turnpike.

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  • Built in 1949 this Lustron all steel home is one of less than 3,000 such homes built between 1947 & 1949 in a former aircraft hanger in Columbus, Ohio.

  • The Rising Sun Seminary was built in 1827 which was the first public school in Ohio County, Indiana.