• Osgood was established in 1856 as a rail line stop. The town was named after the railroad engineer “Mr. Osgood”.

  • The Osgood Carnegie Library was established in 1909 and the current building was constructed in 1914 with a grant from the Carnegie Foundation.

  • Constructed in 1892 as a livery stable. In 1920 it was remodeled into a theater.

  • The Osgood Historical Museum houses many historic artifacts and items from the Osgood area including a rare steam powered automobile.

  • The St. Paul Lutheran Church was established in 1849.

  • Over the years Milan, Indian has been home to many different businesses. This video touches on most of these establishments.

  • The Milan First Baptist Church was established in 1901 and the current structure was built in 1904.

  • The building where the Milan Wesleyan Church stands today was originally constructed as a feed mill.

  • Milan, Indiana has a wide variety of architecture throughout the town with homes dating back to 1902.

  • The Milan Methodist Church was established in 1885 with the current structure built in 1927.