• The original Loveland School was built in 1888 and completely updated in 1925. It was used as a school up until 1942. Today it is used as an art studio.

  • Tufts Schildmeyer Funeral Home was built in the mid 1800s as a private residence for a riverboat captain on the Ohio River.

  • The Loveland House Museum was built in 1862 during the Civil War for a local doctor. Today it serves as a museum for the Greater Loveland Area Historical Society.

  • The Looker Home was built in 1804 in Harrison, Ohio. In 1962 the house was dismantled and then reconstructed the home on Marvin Road in 1970.

  • St, John’s United Church of Christ was built in 1921 after the previous church was destroyed by fire.

  • Market Street Grille Restaurant has history from top to bottom. The building (Constructed in 1856) was designed as a brewery. The building has also been used as a Lodge …[View More]

  • The Harrison Historical Society Museum is home to a vast amount of literature and items pertaining to the Harrison area.

  • The Village Pharmacy was established in 1868 and is one of the few family pharmacies still in existence.

  • Long Island Beach began back in 1918 as a picnic and entertainment site where you could listen to bands and swim in the river.

  • Founded in the 1930s, the site was designed as a summer camp in a rural area for children from the city of Cincinnati.