• Knopf’s Bakery was established in 1930 supplying bakery goods for weddings, events and just hungry customers. In 1942 they moved to the corner of Gracely & Twain…[View More]

  • Construction on the Fern Bank Wicket Dam began in 1905 it was completed in 1911 and dedicated in 1929. The dam was demolished in 1963 when the modern dams were built …[View More]

  • St. Luke Episcopal Church was established in 1887 and today is used as a meeting place for the Sayler Park Historical Society.

  • Greenhills, Ohio was one of 3 communities designed by the federal government in the 1930s. These were designed to make housing available to those of moderate to low inco…[View More]

  • Built in the early 1800s, a water powered mill was built along the west fork of the Mill Creek. The mill was torched in 1981 but much of the original foundation is s…[View More]

  • Purchase of land for the park began in 1936 and officially became Winton Woods in 1939. The farm house sitting in the park was built in 1864.

  • The Greenhills Shopping Center is Ohio’s first strip mall shopping center designed by the federal government back in the 1930s.

  • When the community of Greenhills was designed, the area included plenty of parks for recreation and even small areas where people could farm.

  • The Jediah Hill Covered Bridge was built in 1850 and is the last of over 80 covered bridges which once dotted the landscape of Hamilton County, Ohio.

  • The Greenhills Swimming Pool was part of the Greenhills community complex which included a school, community center and a shopping area.