• Dugan Gap is a Ghost Road due to the fact that it hasn’t been maintained in over 50 years yet it is still a legal right of way.

  • The original “Lost Bridge” was a covered bridge built in 1866 and lost to a fire in 1903. However, that is not the reason it was dubbed “The Lost Brid…[View More]

  • The Ministry of Elijah is a church in Addyston yet the building was originally a barn!

  • Addyston, Ohio has had a multitude of businesses over the years. Many of the buildings which housed these establishments are still standing today.

  • The “Bricks” was built in 1872 and has been used in many different forms including a general store and a movie theater.

  • Addyston began as a factory town. The local factory needed to attract workers to the area so the factory began building homes for the workers. Most of the homes in tow…[View More]

  • The Addyston Ghost Road linked Addyston and Sayler Park with a bridge over Muddy Creek. This road was used for years until the bridge was removed due to lack of mainte…[View More]

  • In the early to mid 1950s an interurban rail car station was located in Addyston, Ohio. The remains of that site are still visible today.

  • Built in 1890, the Saint Andrews Episcopal Church has a beautiful stained glass window that most people have never seen due to its location.

  • Built in 1875 the Burr Oak School House has also been used as a courthouse, jail and a police station over the years.