• In Harrison & Crosby Townships, there are 5 one room school houses still standing. One of these schools dates back to 1862.

  • The Cleves Canal Tunnel was built in 1839 and was 1782 feet long.

  • Lunken Airport was built in 1922 and known as Turkey Bottoms. It was dedicated in 1930.

  • This location has seen several bridges including a covered bridge and a steel truss bridge. In 1923 a steel through truss bridge was built which was later demolished in …[View More]

  • The original St. Al’s one room school house was built in 1868. In 1906 the present building was erected.

  • The Sayler Park Hardware Store was built in 1930 and is still in operation as a hardware store in 2017.

  • The Parkland Theater building was constructed in 1881. Over the years it has been used as a Vaudeville House, a bank, an ice cream shop and a tavern.

  • Knopf’s Bakery was established in 1930 supplying bakery goods for weddings, events and just hungry customers. In 1942 they moved to the corner of Gracely & Twain…[View More]

  • Construction on the Fern Bank Wicket Dam began in 1905 it was completed in 1911 and dedicated in 1929. The dam was demolished in 1963 when the modern dams were built …[View More]

  • St. Luke Episcopal Church was established in 1887 and today is used as a meeting place for the Sayler Park Historical Society.