• Founded in the 1930s, the site was designed as a summer camp in a rural area for children from the city of Cincinnati.

  • Harrison’s Tomb was constructed in 1841 with the main monument erected in the early 1920s.

  • The Harrison Symmes Museum was built in 1866 by Civil War Veterans as a meeting place for the soldiers and the community.

  • Three 1 room school houses still stand in Miami Township. Here’s the story before the consoildated school system came into existence.

  • Built in 1959, this historic bridge is one of the few Steel Truss Bridges still standing in the United States.

  • A fascinating story of the former Cincinnati and Whitewater Canal which dates back to 1839.

  • The First Principal Meridian Marker has a fascinating history that very few people know about. This is one of 3 State line markers along the Ohio/Indiana border. Three w…[View More]

  • The Jackson House was built in 1859 and at one point was used as a school for the local children.

  • The Cliff View Restaurant was established in the 1940s when Cliff Road was known for its restaurants that overlooked the Ohio River valley.

  • Fort Finney was built in 1785 near the current Miami Fort Power Plant. Many people drive by this site everyday but few know of its existence.