• Many small towns in the Morrow area have disappeared over the years. Some still have foundations of the former buildings while others are completely lost.

  • Morrow, Ohio has many historic places of worship. This video covers the churches in town and throughout the outlying area.

  • St. Anthony Shrine and Friary was built in 1888 and renovated a number of times over the years.

  • Annunciation Parish was founded in 1910 with the first church being built the same year. The current church was built in 1929.

  • St. Boniface Catholic Church was established in the 1920s after the previous church proved to be too small for the congregation.

  • St. Francis Seraph Catholic Church was built in 1859.

  • St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church was built in 1867. The church has caught on fire and has been flooded several times but still serves the Catholics on the east side o…[View More]

  • Tyler Davidson Fountain was built in 1871 and has been moved several times.

  • The Cincinnati Times Star Building was constructed in the 1930s. The building was originally used as a newspaper publishing company.

  • The Emanuel Community House was built in 1923 as an extension of the church next door to help serve people in the neighborhood.