• In 1801 the Springdale Presbyterian Church acquired 2 1/2 acres of property along State Route 4 at the south end of the City of Springdale.

  • Originally a deer path and transforming over the years into an Indian footpath before becoming a military highway and eventually a turnpike between Cincinnati and Hamilton,…[View More]

  • Robert Reily was the son of pioneer educator John Reily who started Cincinnati’s earliest school in 1790.

  • Just south of Williamstown, Kentucky along Route 25 is a metal tepee that was built in the late 1930s as an office for a gas station.

  • Over the years, covered and steel truss bridges dotted the landscape of Grant County, Kentucky. Unfortunately there was little to no support to save these historic spans …[View More]

  • The Alms & Doepke Building was constructed in 1874 as a dry goods store.

  • After the previous courthouse was burnt down due to a riot, this courthouse was built to withstand just such another onslaught.

  • The Behringer Crawford Museum was started in 1950 and has been transformed in many ways throughout the years.

  • The first courthouse built in Dearborn County was in 1810. A second courthouse was built in 1828. A third courthouse was built in Wilmington in 1833 and finally the cur…[View More]

  • The current Rush County Courthouse was built in 1896 and is the 3rd courthouse for the county.