• Gallatin County, Kentucky has been home to several covered bridges and steel truss bridges over the years. Unfortunately, all of these bridges have been lost due to progr…[View More]

  • The Thiebaud Farmstead was established in the early 1800s. The farmstead is most notable for its success after the construction of a hay press barn.

  • Built in 1875, the Most Sorrowful Mother of God Catholic Church is the only Catholic Church in Switzerland County.

  • Over the years Dearborn County, Indiana has been to home to at least 15 covered bridges. The last remaining covered bridge in the county is the Guilford Covered Bridge …[View More]

  • Utopia, Ohio was founded in 1844 by the followers of a french philosopher named Charles Fourier.

  • The Harmony Hill Dairy House is the oldest standing structure in Clermont County.

  • Williamsburg, Ohio was first established in 1796 by William Lytle who was commissioned to survey the western portion of the Virginia Military District.

  • Fisher’s Travel Camp began operation in 1928 about the same time that Route 25 was being developed. The camp included cabins and a full service gas station.

  • The Triple Whipple Bridge was built in 1878 after the previous covered bridge had collapsed into Laughery Creek.

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