• The Georgetown & Scott County Museum is located in the former Georgetown Post Office. The museum houses artifacts of historic items from across Scott County.

  • Stamping Ground, Kentucky is home to a mineral spring where American Bison would come to drink. Over thousands of years the migrating bison trampled the ground to a poin…[View More]

  • The Fernando G. Taylor house was constructed in 1860 and has been moved off of its original site and completely restored where it is now being used as an attorneys off…[View More]

  • The first school house built in Versailles was constructed in 1903. In 1938 the current building was erected which has now been transformed into apartments.

  • The Napoleon State Bank began in 1903 and is one of the few individual banks still operating in the state of Indiana.

  • The Sisters of St. Claire are located near Winton Woods Park in Cincinnati, Ohio.

  • In 1801 the Springdale Presbyterian Church acquired 2 1/2 acres of property along State Route 4 at the south end of the City of Springdale.

  • Originally a deer path and transforming over the years into an Indian footpath before becoming a military highway and eventually a turnpike between Cincinnati and Hamilton,…[View More]

  • Robert Reily was the son of pioneer educator John Reily who started Cincinnati’s earliest school in 1790.

  • Just south of Williamstown, Kentucky along Route 25 is a metal tepee that was built in the late 1930s as an office for a gas station.