• We now offer video by drone for an overall view of your historic site.

  • History In Your Own Backyard is an internet database featuring documentary videos on historic sites throughout the region.

  • Over 3650 historic structures were lost in 2015. Here is a fraction of our disappearing culture.

  • Construction on the Loveland Castle began in 1927 and was dedicated in 1930. The castle was completed in 1955.

  • Built in 1889 the South Sparta Presbyterian Church has been recently renovated and is still used on a monthly basis.

  • The Ohio County Historical Society Museum was originally the William Clore Plow Factory which was constructed in the 1800s. The museum includes the historic “Hoosier …[View More]

  • MAPS Air Museum located in North Canton, Ohio currently has over 45 military aircraft for the public to view.

  • This video is about the historic covered bridges throughout Dearborn County, Indiana. Over the years, Dearborn County has had as many as 15 covered bridges yet now only …[View More]

  • The Promont Mansion was built in 1865-1867 by William McGrue.

  • From 1906 thru 1932, 4977 Rosenwald Schools, 163 shop buildings and 217 teachers homes were built in 883 counties in 15 southern states for the education of African Amer…[View More]