• Built in 1882 the St. Maurice Catholic Church ties in with several other communities in Decatur County, Indiana.

  • The Cooper House was built in 1924-1925 and is threatened with demolition by the City of Fairfield.

  • St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church is built entirely out of stone which was extracted by the local parishioners in nearby Salt Creek.

  • The Westport Covered Bridge was almost lost in a flood in 1959 and later in the 1970s became a victim of neglect. Today it’s restored and a cornerstone for Decatu…[View More]

  • History of the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Millhousen, Indiana which includes the story of the headless saint!


  • Established in 1827, the Ontario Center Cemetery was in use up until 1922.

  • The Westport Christian Church dates back to the mid 1800s and at one time Helen Keller attended a service at this building.

  • The Sardinia Baptist Church dates back to 1835 and was known as Mount Pleasant Baptist Church.

  • History of the Erie Triangle in North Springfield, Pennsylvania. Originally the State of Pennsylvania had a straight border with the State of New York but had little lake…[View More]

  • Dr. Elwood Mead was born and raised in Patriot, Indiana. He went on to become one of the leading figures to help irrigate the western half of the United States.