• St. Bernard Catholic Church is the third Catholic Church in the city of Dayton, Kentucky. The first two were ravaged by floods over the years.

  • Built in the 1920’s the Christ Church, United Church of Christ has a stained glass window that stops people in their tracks.

  • The Evergreen Cemetery in Southgate Kentucky was once home to a Civil War Battery and is now the final resting place for some of the most important people of Northern …[View More]

  • Silver Grove, Kentucky has a fascinating history. You’ve probably driven down Route 8 at some point but may never have driven into the town to take a look around …[View More]

  • The former St. Anne Convent in Melbourne, Kentucky is probably the best kept secret in the tri-state area. Now a retreat center the facility has a rich history including…[View More]

  • Divine Mercy Parish was formed in 2003 through the merger of Sacred Heart and St. Anthony (Which is now closed). Sacred heart was originally a German speaking parish and…[View More]

  • The General James Taylor Mansion in Newport, Kentucky is probably the finest historic home in northern Kentucky featuring rooms with ceilings over 17 feet high and a hist…[View More]

  • The Whispering Oak Tree in Eaton, Ohio is what is known as a witness tree which dates back to the 1700s.

  • The Fudge Road Bridge was built in 1913 and closed in 2012.

  • Established in 1843, the St. Joseph Catholic Church in Camp Springs, Kentucky sits in a rural setting on a hillside overlooking a beautiful valley.