• Established and built in 1897, the St. Mark Evangelical Lutheran Church is probably one of the 5 most beautiful churches in Indiana.

  • Camden, Ohio was home to one of the most popular silo construction companies in the United States, the Neff & Fry Company.

  • The historic town of Gratis , Ohio is the home of Benjamin Hanby who wrote the famous Christmas carol “Up On The Housetop”.

  • Saint Paul, Indiana was established around 1816 by Jonathan Paul who was looking for a place to build a grist mill. Over the years the town has grown with industries s…[View More]

  • Constructed in 1915 this is one of 2 buildings with this design. The other being in Chicago. In 2015 the “Y” was transformed into apartments for senior living…[View More]

  • The First Christian Church in Greensburg, Indiana was established in 1832 with the current church building constructed in 1869. The church bell was originally used in a s…[View More]

  • New Point, Indiana was originally called Crackaway for the men who raced their buggies through town cracking their horse whips as they ran for the finish line.

  • In 1899 the Charles Duke the town Marshall for Stamping Ground, Kentucky was murdered. Unfortunately the killer was never found.

  • The Springhill Presbyterian Church was established around 1815 and is still an active congregation today.