• The Old Saw Mill Phantom Bridge sits on an abandoned road in north central Kentucky. Hidden back in the woods, without a good road map, you’ll never find the place!

  • Located near Bridgeton, Indiana is a rare Whipple Truss Bridge. This area is noted for its covered bridges but this is one of the few steel truss bridges still standing in the county.

  • In rural Bourbon County, Kentucky sits an abandoned steel truss bridge built in 1913. How much longer can it last???

  • In 1977 construction began on the Marble Hill Nuclear Power Plant near the tiny burg of Paynesville, Indiana. By 1984 the project was abandoned after $2.5 billion dollars was spent on the project. …[View More]

  • The Peacock Road Overpass is a rare Timber Stringer Bridge in Bourbon County, Kentucky. Once popular in the 1930s and typically designed as a railroad overpass, these bridges have outlived their us…[View More]

  • Built in 1874 by Jacob Bower the Claysville Covered Bridge was 307 feet long and spanned the Licking River. The bridge was accidentally burned to the ground after a nearby trash fire ignited debris…[View More]

  • Just north of Monroe, Michigan sits a rare Phantom Bridge along a deserted portion of Old Telegraph Road. Here’s the story…

  • Located in Wayne County, Indiana, U.S. Route 40 runs right through the center of this historic town that was settled in 1813. This video covers everything from the town being platted to a famous ra…[View More]

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  • The life and times of Sergeant Major Robert Brown of Rushville, Indiana.