• Built in 1917 on an old road alignment, this bridge was bypassed in the 1930s when Route 1 was established. Now sitting off in the weeds, nature is hiding this historic bridge which is only 100 fee…[View More]

  • Just south of Millersburg, Kentucky sits an old railroad bridge over Hinkston Creek. Here’s a short video on that bridge.

  • In 1890 Ohio State University played their first football game against Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio for a 20-14 win. The game was played on a small field between the school and a cree…[View More]

  • Built in 1890 by the Wrought Iron Bridge Company of Canton, Ohio, the Big Rocky Fork Phantom Bridge is only one of 3 steel through truss bridges still standing in Parke County, Indiana.

  • Butlerville, Indiana built a high school in 1904 and a grade school in 1922. Unfortunately neither school has been used in over 20 years and time has taken its toll on both buildings.

  • Built in 1924 and beginning life as a bandstand along what is now I-75, the structure was eventually transformed into the office for the local health department.

  • Located right over the border from Ohio, Greendale, Indiana is one of those gems that you find and never forget. Plenty of history abounds here from the mansions on Ridge Avenue to the local cemete…[View More]

  • The Old Saw Mill Phantom Bridge sits on an abandoned road in north central Kentucky. Hidden back in the woods, without a good road map, you’ll never find the place!

  • Located near Bridgeton, Indiana is a rare Whipple Truss Bridge. This area is noted for its covered bridges but this is one of the few steel truss bridges still standing in the county.

  • In rural Bourbon County, Kentucky sits an abandoned steel truss bridge built in 1913. How much longer can it last???