• The Goddard Cemetery, located near the town of Homer, Indiana is surrounded by corn fields. It has an interesting history which includes some of the more important people of the community.

  • Powell Crosley was a wealthy entrepreneur from Cincinnati, Ohio who purchased thousands of acres of ground in Jennings County, Indiana. Here’s the story of the bridge he had built for his per…[View More]

  • Built in 1828, the Fox Run S-Bridge near New Concord, Ohio is literally shaped like an “S”. At least 5 of these “S” bridges were built along the National Road in Ohio. Here&…[View More]

  • Built in 1914 the Dresden Suspension Bridge in Dresden, Ohio is a similar design to the Silver Bridge which collapsed in 1967 into the Ohio River at Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

  • Built in 1928 this phantom bridge spans the Middle Fork of Little Beaver Creek. Located in Mahoning County, Ohio, the bridge was restored in 1964 and closed to traffic about 10 years ago. Now sitti…[View More]

  • Built in 1876, the Salt Creek Covered Bridge is the flagship of the Ohio Historic Bridge Association as this is the bridge that was saved by the group at the very beginning.

  • Built in 1917, this unassuming bridge will be replaced in the summer of 2019.

  • Everything has a beginning including how land was surveyed in the former Northwest Territory which included all of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and part of Minnesota. Here’s t…[View More]

  • Constructed in the 1840s as a way of funneling water to a spur of the Whitewater Canal, the Opossum Hollow Canal Culvert is the only remaining canal structure in Greendale, Indiana.

  • Every year in June in Fairfield, Iowa, the national Power Wagon Rally is held which attracts owners from across the country. Here’s the story on the 2018 meet.