• Established in 1844 the First Presbyterian Church of LaGrange, Indiana is one of the oldest churches in the county. The current structure was built in 1882.

  • Built in 1880 this stone arch rail road overpass is still used on a daily basis.

  • Established in 1819 the First United Methodist Church in Connersville, Indiana is one of the oldest churches in Fayette County, Indiana. The current church building was constructed in 1889 at a cos…[View More]

  • The Dixon Road Bridge is one of about a dozen historic bridges in Preble County, Ohio. Sitting on a back country road surrounded by pastures and woods, the bridge spans Four Mile Creek.

  • Built in 1875 by the Massillon Bridge Company this very rare Bow String Bridge still see traffic on a daily basis in Preble County, Ohio.

  • This video is about the First Vegan Earth Day in Cincinnati, Ohio. One of the largest contributors to Global Warming is meat production/consumption by humans. In this video William Messer explains …[View More]

  • Connersville, Indiana has a history of being a car manufacturing hub and before that, a stop along the Whitewater Canal. This video explores the town and some of it’s hidden secrets to the ou…[View More]

  • Built in 1849 the Fayette County courthouse is the second oldest continuously used courthouse in the state of Indiana.

  • Organized in 1840 the Glenwood United Methodist Church in Glenwood, Indiana is one of the oldest Methodist Churches in the area.

  • Robinson’s Whitewater River Campground started life as a Turnip Farm, then was transformed into a Christian retreat center/campground before it became one of, if not the most interesting camp…[View More]