• Built in 1920 the McConnell Ford Phantom Bridge has been closed for about 3 years now and is in danger of imminent failure.

  • Built in 1910 the Benson Street Bridge which connects Lockland & Reading, Ohio is the first Rainbow Bridge constructed in the state of Ohio.

  • Built in 1906 the Woodworth Road Tunnel carries automobile traffic under a pair of CSX rail lines in Conneaut, Ohio. Located on a dead end road, this tunnel is one of dozens of hidden historic spot…[View More]

  • Built in 1876 this wrought iron bridge was originally located about 5 miles away from it’s current location. A 144 year old bridge that still faithfully serves the county.

  • Built in 1904 this bridge was originally used as a county road span. At some point it was replaced and then transported to this farm access road over the East Fork of Paint Creek.

  • Built in 1932 to replace the Harrison Avenue Viaduct, the Western Hills Viaduct is the main artery on the west side of Cincinnati carrying traffic in and out of the downtown area. Showing it’…[View More]

  • Built in 1915 the Thurmond Bridge in Thurmond, West Virginia was built after the previous bridge was destroyed in a flood in 1908.

  • In the hills of Alleghany, Virginia you can find numerous tunnels for both trains and automobiles that cut through this beautiful part of the country. Here’s a short video on two of those aut…[View More]

  • Built in 1934 this Warren Through Truss bridge is 197 feet long and spans Dunlap Creek. Once part of the main thoroughfare, the bridge was bypassed in the mid 1960s and now only serves one residenc…[View More]

  • Pella Crossing was a “Dry Ford” which crossed Tanners Creek near the town of Guilford, Indiana. Abandoned since 1979 when a bridge was built just down stream, a section of Pribble Road …[View More]