• Ohio’s first traffic fatality happened back in 1835 just east of Zanesville, Ohio along the National Road.

  • Built in 1953 this historic 5 span steel through truss bridge is in the process of being replaced.

  • Built around 1920, the Crows Phantom Bridge is one of a series of phantom bridges located along Route 159 in western Virginia.

  • Built around 1920 this phantom bridge can be found hiding in the woods of western Virginia. This is one of the ultimate finds on a road trip!

  • Built in 1857, the Humpback Covered Bridge near Covington, Virginia is the states oldest covered bridge and one of the rarest in the country.

  • Built in 1963 near Delaware, Ohio, the Big Ear Radio Telescope was the brainchild of Dr. John D. Kraus, astronomer at Ohio State University. Unfortunately Big Ear was demolished in 1998 and replace…[View More]

  • Established in the early 1800s as East Orange, Ohio, this small village was later renamed “Africa” due to the acceptance of free slaves to this area.

  • Built in 1898, the Orange Road Steel Through Truss Bridge located near Powell, Ohio was restored in 1970 and closed to all traffic in 2007. This bridge is slated for demolition at some point in the…[View More]

  • The Trotwood Railroad Depot was built in 1913 but not before services for the railroad were located in several other buildings and even in an old boxcar in the downtown area. Seventy Five years aft…[View More]

  • Hidden back in the woods of the Lindner Park/McCullough Estate Nature Preserve is a small foot bridge built in 1910. Very little is known about this mysterious bridge.