• Built in 1882 the McClure Road Phantom Bridge was closed in the 1980s and most likely will never be reopened. It’s located about 200 yards back in the woods, not visable from any public roadw…[View More]

  • Founded in 1758, Perryville, Kentucky was originally known as Harbeson’s Station. In 1862 Perryville became the site of the most destructive Civil War battle in the state which left more than…[View More]

  • Built in 1925 the Grand Trunk Western Coaling Tower is the only structure of its kind still standing in Michigan that is still accessible to the general public. Located in a park along the banks of…[View More]

  • Three words describe Vevay, Indiana: Architecture, Architecture, Architecture! This town of 1700 people sitting on the banks of the beautiful Ohio River has more styles of historic architecture fro…[View More]

  • Built in the 1880s the Panther Creek Phantom Bridge is one of only 22 Bowstring bridges still standing in the state of Ohio. Check out this video on this rare piece of American history.

  • Built in 1901 this abandoned bridge sits about halfway between Bedford and Sulphur, Kentucky. Bypassed in 1999 this bridge is rapidly deteriorating but sits in a beautiful valley with a cool histor…[View More]

  • Located just a mile east of the town of Nineveh, Indiana is the Atterbury Stone Arch Bridge. This bridge was rebuilt in 1954 and rehabbed in 2014. The bridge is about 40 feet long and spans a tribu…[View More]

  • Dedicated on July 14, 1935, the Woolsey Memorial Airport located just outside of Northport, Michigan is named after Captain Clinton Woolsey who died in a midair crash in 1927 over Argentina. Still …[View More]

  • Built around 1885 the Owens Road Bridge near Pleasant Hill, Ohio in Miami County is thought to have been moved from a previous site to this location around 1913. For being 135 years old the bridge …[View More]

  • Perhaps Kentucky’s craziest bridge is located in Henry County and known as the “Zombie Bridge” because it’s made from parts of another disassembled bridge. What is really sc…[View More]