• I’ve lived through several partial solar eclipses where the skies got a little funky and strange shadows showed the eclipse on the ground. But I’ve never experienced a solar eclipse with totali…[View More]

  • Built in 1894 by the Wrought Iron Bridge Company of Canton, Ohio, the Wills Creek bridge is about 162 feet long and spans Wills Creek just southeast of Birds Run, Ohio. I’m not too sure when the …[View More]

  • Before we talk about this bridge, let’s start at the beginning to see how we got here in the first place…

    Originally there was the Mill Street Covered Bridge built in 1861 by the Att…[View More]

  • The Strietmann Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

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  • The Leeman Field Bridge, Pennington Gap, Virginia

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  • Built in 1867 the Salem United Church of Christ in Cincinnati, Ohio is one of…[View More]

  • Back in the day the town of McCordsville, Indiana didn’t even own a traffic light and most of the roads in town were gravel. Sows were herded down the main street in town and the corner bait …[View More]

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